Wedding Tips

Weddings can certainly be expensive but one area you can cut back on and save quite a bit of money is the bar. It’s perfectly okay to serve beer and wine only. A lot of couples are now serving beer, wine and a signature cocktail as well. Guests are truly happy with any free alcohol so you don’t have to go overboard with your money to make the guests feel important. They truly do adjust and enjoy whatever you choose to put out for them.

Having a signature cocktail can be fun. You can take something that you and your significant other have in common and name your drink as such. We’ve had couples who love Cape Cod make the Cape Codder their drink. Or if one of your favorite drinks is a Cosmopolitian and his/her’s is a Rum and coke, you can make that the drink(s) of the day. Headig off to Hawaii for your honeymoon? Why not serve Blue Hawaiians for your special drink. There are so many choices. If you can’t decide, we’d be happy to assist in creating the perfect theme drink for your wedding.

Another fun idea is to choose a picture of your favorite place where you both have a shared a special memory. Did you get engaged there, meet at that spot, etc? You can create a special drink to match the memory. Then you can put the picture in an 8×10 frame, along with a short story explaining the picture and coordinating drink. While guests are waiting for their drink, they can read how you came up with this particular signature drink and it will add a little fun to waiting in line at the bar.

Also, not having too much choices saves a lot of money. Two or three wines and three to four beer choices is more than enough to quench everyone’s thirst and keep your budget in line.