Wedding Tips

fun stuff 195May 2015 041

Congratultions as you begin this new journey of planning for the special day. My wish for you is that you will enjoy the process and try not to stress out and wish it was over.

Your wedding is the day you have dreamed about since you were a ittle kid. Take the time to weigh all of your options. Going to listen to different bands or djs is fun. Cake and food testing? I can’t think of too many more enjoyable things to do. Picking a venue? What and where is your dream? Your photographer and florist should be someone whom you are very comfortable with and feel totally comfortable in their expertise. The caterer should be someone whose food you have tried and loved and feel confident with their service. Everything can be an exciting journey, if you let it be. If your significant other isn’t interested in the planning process and trusts you to make the decisions, pick a few friends and have fun with it all. It will make it so much more fun in the planning process and maybe the S.O has other great qualities that will be usefull in the planning process but going to different wedding professionals isn’t their thing. That’s okay too.

If you are looking for a few tips to save some money at your wedding, you can create a list of all that you are wishing for and then head out to get the prices for how much your dream wedding is really going to cost. Then it will be time to re-evaluate and start taking it down a notch if you need be to stay within a budget.

One thing you don’t want to do is start off married life in big debt.

Here are a few tips on how to save or cut back on costs for your wedding reception:

1- Instead of a full bar, serve beer and wine only. Maybe add one signature cocktail to it.

2- If you’re having a buffet, keep the choices to a minimum. The more you have the more the guests will fill their plates but realistically can’t eat it all so there is a lot of wastage.

3-Use your bridesmaids bouquets for the bridal table. It looks so pretty and saves a lot on purchasing more flowers for the head table.

4- Serve appetizers only. When you are passing 8-10 different appetizers, guests fill up quickly.

5- Have a small cake for the bridal couple to cut and a sheet cake to be cut up for the guests.

6- Have a small cake to cut and mini desserts for the guests

7- Have open bar for cocktail hour only

8-You can purchase take out containers and let the guests take home some of the leftovers so it doesn’t go to waste

9- If you are having a backyard wedding and purchasing your own glasses, there’s no need to order several different tpes of glasses. Two or three is sufficient.

10-Possibly think of creating your own cetnerpieces. Pinterest is loaded with lots of do it yourself ideas.

Most of all, I wish you all a glorious day that is focused on who you are entering into ‘forever’ with.  That is the most important factor in your wedding. Marrying your best friend. How awesome!