Stressfree Parties

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When you think of having a party, does it ceate your stomach to do a bunch of flip flops?  For a lot of people it does. Even though they love having guests over the whole process is a bit overwhelming. Not just for a day or two but the weeks before the day actually arrives. There are lots of ways of making it much less streessful event and more fun for you.
The first thing to do is to create your list of guests. Will it be a small, 20 guest party or a larger event with 60 plus?  Once the guest list is done then it’s time to think of a theme. Do you want one or do you just want to invite people and let the party take it’s own course?
Next comes the fun part. Well to me it’s fun. The food!  Will you do the cooking or will you have it catered? Another possibility is to cook some and have some delivered from your favorite restaurant. How much of each do you need? I think variety is great but don’t go overboard. It will only stress you event more to have too much food leftover. Folow the rule of ‘keep it simpe’.
The next thing you will need to think of dessert. Another fun part for me. I love to bake so it’s the perfect time for me to try those tried and true recipes but also my opportunity to create a few of the many that I’ve been waiting to share with others. If I keep them to myself, I eat them all so I’ve learned sharing is so much better for all of us!
Let’s not forget the one addition that surely adds to most parties – the booze!  Will you be keeping it simple and serving beer and wine only or having a full bar? If you are having a full bar, you will need some condiments as well. Don’t forget the ice and lots of it especially in the summer. Plan to get extra since it melts quick.
Are you going to use disposable dishes or china?
What else do you need for serving utensils and serving dishes?
And last but not least, why not hire someone to take care of the setting of the tables, heating up and putting the food out and doing all of the clean up. Hiring an insured bartender is always a great idea so you don’t have to worry about proper serving. Hiring the pros to come in allows you to enjoy the party. When the event is over, all of the work is done. All you have to do is shut the lights off and go to bed. Now that’s the way to have a party!