Saving Money on the Bar

Weddings and Parties can really add up. By the time you purchase all of the food and the supplies, then it’s time to think about what to serve at your bar. That’s where a huge chunk of your money will go, if you’re not really careful.

I am seeing more and more wedding couples doing a beer, wine and one signature drink as their bar. It truly saves a lot of money and the signature drink can be one that is really tasty and appealing to your guests.

When selecting your signature cocktail, you can match it to your theme. Or possibly pick your favorite place and have the bartender create a drink to match. Just make sure to let the bartender know ahead of time so they have time to create that special drink.

We’ve had couples who their favorite place is Cape Cod so they had Cape Codders, some were going on a honeymoon to the Caribbean so they had Pina Coladas and Rum Punch cocktails. Whether you have a 50’s theme or a more elegant type of affair, the bartender will be able to create a drink that is perfect for your event.

You can type up the signature cocktail and put it in a frame to set on the bar. It really adds a nice touch and the guests are very happy with the minimal choices. So there’s no need to have a full bar and the expense that goes along with it, if you’d rather not have one.

A lot of backyard weddings are having kegs because it’s the grooms favorite drink. That also keeps the choices to a minimum, along with the budget.

Whichever way you choose to go just keep in mind that the guests are just happy to come and visit with you and as long as there is something to drink and something to eat, they’ll be happy.

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