Kids at Weddings or Parties

Kids are the cutest and look amazingly adorable when dressed up at a wedding. They can be so funny with their antics and silliness but let’s face it, they do get easily bored so having a special little bag or container for them makes them feel special and keeps them busy while the speaches are being done and dancing is going on. You can fill their goodie bag with activity books, crayons and colored pencils that you can find at a Dollar Store. Adding some bubbles or a deck of cards, a little puzzle and even a craft is sure to entertain them for awhile. Plus they have a very special souvenir to take home with them. You could also make your own coloring book about weddings from different patterns you can find and print out on the internet. Or you could create a book about you and your loved ones journey. If you are creative you can even add a dot to dot or crossword puzzle pertaining to the wedding couple. The kids will love it and so the parents will be so happy to know that you did something special for their child and also gave them some time to chat with other guests while their kids are busy having something fun to do.

Also having a little get it yourself bucket of small water bottles and individual drinks, like Hi C are great. They can help themselves and not require a parent to stand in long lines at the bar for their drink. If you have more than a handful of kids at your reception how about having the DJ perform a kids jump around song like The Chicken Dance. All the kids can do it and will feel more like they are part of the whole celebration.

You can create your own bags or purchase little buckets or containers and fancy it up with ribbon and add their names to it.

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