Appetizers or a Full Meal?


When planning a party or wedding, one of the largest issues clients struggle with is trying to decide what to serve their guests for their meal.  It can definitely get quite overwhelming. Nowadays so many people have different allergies and sensitivities so it’s tough on them and tough on the host/hostess who are trying to find something that will please everyone and not cost a fortune in doing so. Gluten free, Vegan and no carbs diets are the main issues most hosts and hostesses need to deal with.

Having passed appetizers can alleviate this dilemma while still satisfying the guests. You can choose appetizers from a nearby restaurant, a caterer, home made and some grocery stores have delicious choices in the frozen food section. When making your own gluten free food don’t forget about cross contamination. Nothing can touch the utensils or the pans that have previously cooked a non gluten free dish. There are a lot of choices that you can pick that will fit both those on the diets and those who are not. A little research can give you some delicious ideas.

To save your time and energy it’s worth it to hire a couple of servers to heat up the appetizers and pass them. It gives you the time to spend with the guests and not be glued to the kitchen.

Or if you are doing it on your own you might want to consider have all appetizers that can served at room temperature so that you can have them all out and stationary to allow you to be a part of the event and the guests can help themsselves. This is fine for a home party but for a wedding, I’d suggest hiring waitstaff to pass them. It adds a nice formal touch and allows you to enjoy the event.

Guests enjoy the passed appetizers because it allows them to stay in the conversation they’re in, not lose the seat that they grabbed and still get to be fed.

If you are planning to have an appetizer only event, make sure to have several varities to choose from and try to think of all dietary restrictions that your guests might have.