Hiring vs Doing it Yourself Event Help

I’ve heard that a lot of people feel that they can take  care of the serving and clean up at their parties and not look to hiring a staffing agency.

This is so true BUT have you ever felt that you missed out on some really good conversations because you were too busy running back and forth to the kitchen? Or how about, your friend Suzie who you haven’t seen in ages comes in, you hug and start to catch up. Rinnggg the doorbell is ringing. In comes cousin Lindsey who recently went through a tough time and she wants to fill you in. Ding ding, the timer in the kitchen is going off. Appetizers are ready! As you quickly head to the kitchen you notice your friend Steve standing there looking lost, not knowing a soul. You need to get over there to help him to mingle, in a minute. You are passing the apps and there’s the doorbell again. Drop the plate and run. Now it’s time to get the food out. You hear everyone laughing. Oh what did I miss?? The food is finally out and you go to try and catch up a bit. Then you remember, you have to take the cake out of the freezer an hour before dessert. Up and running again. You can’t wait to have that amazingly delicious casserole that everyone is raving about. Get to the table and – it’s gone! Guess everyone really did love it. Ooopps time to make the coffee and look at all of the dirty dishes all over the place. No problem, still smiling and quickly picking up, you notice the litle group around Lindsey shaking their heads. Oh how you want to hear the scoop but dirty dishes and coffe making win out. Time to get the food in the kitchen and put dessert out. Maybe I can leave this all until tomorrow to clean up so I can enjoy my guests. .. No what will they think. So you get the dessert out and start to wrap up the leftovers. FINALLY the kitchen is clean. Now to get in there and eat something. Has it really been eight hours since I last ate? Time to enjoy the party!!!! Couple number one says it was such a great party but they need to get home for the sitter, could you get their coats? Sure, no problem. Off you run. You turn around and four more guests are leaving. Hey wait, I never got to visit with you. I never got to eat anything. The party is now over and the guests are leaving. I didn’t get to enjoy my company..wahhh. All that work and all I did was work.

When you hire us, we take care of all of that running around and kitchen/bar work. When the party is over, all you ahave to do is shut off the lights and go to bed. You tell me, is it worth it to hire a professional staffing compay to do the serving and bartending??
We Let You Be a Guest at Your Own Party!