Fun Wedding Ideas

Sometimes you want to add a little fun to the wedding planning, something that will make your wedding stand out a little more than the average wedding.

Here are some ideas that might just do that:

1-For your signature cocktail, pick one that will match your color theme or something that means something to both of you. Be sure to write it down and put in a frame on the bar.

2-Have a bucket filled with all sizes of flip flops for comfortable dancing. Who doesn’t love kicking off those heels and letting loose???

3-Have a basket filled with bubbles that everyone can use as you leave for the honeymoon. Will be a lot less messy than rice or confetti and the guests really get in to it.

4-Put some photos of you and your significant other around the room. Especially silly ones!

5-For a backyard wedding, you could have some yard games all set up for those who may want to be a bit active. Never underestimate the power of laughter. Your wedding will be the talk of every guest as so much fun.

6-Pick a few ‘oldie’ songs and watch the elders get up and dance. They love that! Polkas and Cha Cha’s really get some adults up there who normally wouldn’t step foot near the dance flloor.

7-Have some kind of a contest at some point – pie eating, 3 legged race, hula hoop etc. You can google fun and silly games. They can become hysterical. Don’t forget the cameras!!

8-No extra money for a photo booth?  Make your own and have guests use their phones, you can provide a selfie stick. Just make sure they send you copies!

9-Have a piece of paper and pen at each place setting and ask each guest to write their favorite tip for you as you enter marriage. It can make for some very entertaining reading.

10-Make sure to hire staff to take care of the setting up, heating and serving and all of the clean up so your guests can just have a good time and not have to worry about working in their dress clothes and missing out on all of your fun and special activities.