Bartender vs Friend-Who to hire for your event?

As you begin the planning of your wedding and it comes time to think about the bar and the question comes up, should I hire a professional bartender or just hire my friend?

The friend won’t charge you so that’s a huge plus BUT  the friend is probably not insured.  Did you know that you would be held responsible for anyone getting hurt or causing someone to be hurt because of a guest being over served? It’s the law and one that’s not taken lightly. Your home and valuables are at stake.

Even if you are shuttling the guests all to a nearby hotel, who is to say they won’t get the munchies and decide to run out to the store or nearby drive thru?  Again, you would be responsible because you did not have an insured bartender properly serving any and all alcohol.
Scary thought isn’t it?

One of the greatest responses I hear when I ask if they are in need of a bartender  is:”our family and friends don’t drink much” or “one of my friends likes to play around and make drinks so we’ll let him do it”. If this is your choice, keep this in mind -do you know which of your guests may be on medicine or possibly just finished up a prescription that morning and with just two glasses of wine can react like someone who has had five or six drinks in them?  Some people turn angry or depressed once they’ve crossed that line of too much booze. Who needs that drama on your magical day?  Protect yourself and your assets by hiring the insured, certified, bartenders. Most insured bartenders are covered for one million dollars. They have the experience behind them to properly mix and serve drinks and know when to cut back on someone who in imbibing a bit too much and can discreetly get it under control. Plus you don’t have to worry about setting everything up and all of the clean up. The bartenders take care of it all.

Insured, professionals versus a friend could mean millions of dollars to you.

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