Fun Wedding Ideas

Sometimes you want to add a little fun to the wedding planning, something that will make your wedding stand out a little more than the average wedding.

Here are some ideas that might just do that:

1-For your signature cocktail, pick one that will match your color theme or something that means something to both of you. Be sure to write it down and put in a frame on the bar.

2-Have a bucket filled with all sizes of flip flops for comfortable dancing. Who doesn’t love kicking off those heels and letting loose???

3-Have a basket filled with bubbles that everyone can use as you leave for the honeymoon. Will be a lot less messy than rice or confetti and the guests really get in to it.

4-Put some photos of you and your significant other around the room. Especially silly ones!

5-For a backyard wedding, you could have some yard games all set up for those who may want to be a bit active. Never underestimate the power of laughter. Your wedding will be the talk of every guest as so much fun.

6-Pick a few ‘oldie’ songs and watch the elders get up and dance. They love that! Polkas and Cha Cha’s really get some adults up there who normally wouldn’t step foot near the dance flloor.

7-Have some kind of a contest at some point – pie eating, 3 legged race, hula hoop etc. You can google fun and silly games. They can become hysterical. Don’t forget the cameras!!

8-No extra money for a photo booth?  Make your own and have guests use their phones, you can provide a selfie stick. Just make sure they send you copies!

9-Have a piece of paper and pen at each place setting and ask each guest to write their favorite tip for you as you enter marriage. It can make for some very entertaining reading.

10-Make sure to hire staff to take care of the setting up, heating and serving and all of the clean up so your guests can just have a good time and not have to worry about working in their dress clothes and missing out on all of your fun and special activities.

Kids at Weddings or Parties

Kids are the cutest and look amazingly adorable when dressed up at a wedding. They can be so funny with their antics and silliness but let’s face it, they do get easily bored so having a special little bag or container for them makes them feel special and keeps them busy while the speaches are being done and dancing is going on. You can fill their goodie bag with activity books, crayons and colored pencils that you can find at a Dollar Store. Adding some bubbles or a deck of cards, a little puzzle and even a craft is sure to entertain them for awhile. Plus they have a very special souvenir to take home with them. You could also make your own coloring book about weddings from different patterns you can find and print out on the internet. Or you could create a book about you and your loved ones journey. If you are creative you can even add a dot to dot or crossword puzzle pertaining to the wedding couple. The kids will love it and so the parents will be so happy to know that you did something special for their child and also gave them some time to chat with other guests while their kids are busy having something fun to do.

Also having a little get it yourself bucket of small water bottles and individual drinks, like Hi C are great. They can help themselves and not require a parent to stand in long lines at the bar for their drink. If you have more than a handful of kids at your reception how about having the DJ perform a kids jump around song like The Chicken Dance. All the kids can do it and will feel more like they are part of the whole celebration.

You can create your own bags or purchase little buckets or containers and fancy it up with ribbon and add their names to it.

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Stressfree Parties

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When you think of having a party, does it ceate your stomach to do a bunch of flip flops?  For a lot of people it does. Even though they love having guests over the whole process is a bit overwhelming. Not just for a day or two but the weeks before the day actually arrives. There are lots of ways of making it much less streessful event and more fun for you.
The first thing to do is to create your list of guests. Will it be a small, 20 guest party or a larger event with 60 plus?  Once the guest list is done then it’s time to think of a theme. Do you want one or do you just want to invite people and let the party take it’s own course?
Next comes the fun part. Well to me it’s fun. The food!  Will you do the cooking or will you have it catered? Another possibility is to cook some and have some delivered from your favorite restaurant. How much of each do you need? I think variety is great but don’t go overboard. It will only stress you event more to have too much food leftover. Folow the rule of ‘keep it simpe’.
The next thing you will need to think of dessert. Another fun part for me. I love to bake so it’s the perfect time for me to try those tried and true recipes but also my opportunity to create a few of the many that I’ve been waiting to share with others. If I keep them to myself, I eat them all so I’ve learned sharing is so much better for all of us!
Let’s not forget the one addition that surely adds to most parties – the booze!  Will you be keeping it simple and serving beer and wine only or having a full bar? If you are having a full bar, you will need some condiments as well. Don’t forget the ice and lots of it especially in the summer. Plan to get extra since it melts quick.
Are you going to use disposable dishes or china?
What else do you need for serving utensils and serving dishes?
And last but not least, why not hire someone to take care of the setting of the tables, heating up and putting the food out and doing all of the clean up. Hiring an insured bartender is always a great idea so you don’t have to worry about proper serving. Hiring the pros to come in allows you to enjoy the party. When the event is over, all of the work is done. All you have to do is shut the lights off and go to bed. Now that’s the way to have a party!

Wedding Tips

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Congratultions as you begin this new journey of planning for the special day. My wish for you is that you will enjoy the process and try not to stress out and wish it was over.

Your wedding is the day you have dreamed about since you were a ittle kid. Take the time to weigh all of your options. Going to listen to different bands or djs is fun. Cake and food testing? I can’t think of too many more enjoyable things to do. Picking a venue? What and where is your dream? Your photographer and florist should be someone whom you are very comfortable with and feel totally comfortable in their expertise. The caterer should be someone whose food you have tried and loved and feel confident with their service. Everything can be an exciting journey, if you let it be. If your significant other isn’t interested in the planning process and trusts you to make the decisions, pick a few friends and have fun with it all. It will make it so much more fun in the planning process and maybe the S.O has other great qualities that will be usefull in the planning process but going to different wedding professionals isn’t their thing. That’s okay too.

If you are looking for a few tips to save some money at your wedding, you can create a list of all that you are wishing for and then head out to get the prices for how much your dream wedding is really going to cost. Then it will be time to re-evaluate and start taking it down a notch if you need be to stay within a budget.

One thing you don’t want to do is start off married life in big debt.

Here are a few tips on how to save or cut back on costs for your wedding reception:

1- Instead of a full bar, serve beer and wine only. Maybe add one signature cocktail to it.

2- If you’re having a buffet, keep the choices to a minimum. The more you have the more the guests will fill their plates but realistically can’t eat it all so there is a lot of wastage.

3-Use your bridesmaids bouquets for the bridal table. It looks so pretty and saves a lot on purchasing more flowers for the head table.

4- Serve appetizers only. When you are passing 8-10 different appetizers, guests fill up quickly.

5- Have a small cake for the bridal couple to cut and a sheet cake to be cut up for the guests.

6- Have a small cake to cut and mini desserts for the guests

7- Have open bar for cocktail hour only

8-You can purchase take out containers and let the guests take home some of the leftovers so it doesn’t go to waste

9- If you are having a backyard wedding and purchasing your own glasses, there’s no need to order several different tpes of glasses. Two or three is sufficient.

10-Possibly think of creating your own cetnerpieces. Pinterest is loaded with lots of do it yourself ideas.

Most of all, I wish you all a glorious day that is focused on who you are entering into ‘forever’ with.  That is the most important factor in your wedding. Marrying your best friend. How awesome!

Appetizers or a Full Meal?


When planning a party or wedding, one of the largest issues clients struggle with is trying to decide what to serve their guests for their meal.  It can definitely get quite overwhelming. Nowadays so many people have different allergies and sensitivities so it’s tough on them and tough on the host/hostess who are trying to find something that will please everyone and not cost a fortune in doing so. Gluten free, Vegan and no carbs diets are the main issues most hosts and hostesses need to deal with.

Having passed appetizers can alleviate this dilemma while still satisfying the guests. You can choose appetizers from a nearby restaurant, a caterer, home made and some grocery stores have delicious choices in the frozen food section. When making your own gluten free food don’t forget about cross contamination. Nothing can touch the utensils or the pans that have previously cooked a non gluten free dish. There are a lot of choices that you can pick that will fit both those on the diets and those who are not. A little research can give you some delicious ideas.

To save your time and energy it’s worth it to hire a couple of servers to heat up the appetizers and pass them. It gives you the time to spend with the guests and not be glued to the kitchen.

Or if you are doing it on your own you might want to consider have all appetizers that can served at room temperature so that you can have them all out and stationary to allow you to be a part of the event and the guests can help themsselves. This is fine for a home party but for a wedding, I’d suggest hiring waitstaff to pass them. It adds a nice formal touch and allows you to enjoy the event.

Guests enjoy the passed appetizers because it allows them to stay in the conversation they’re in, not lose the seat that they grabbed and still get to be fed.

If you are planning to have an appetizer only event, make sure to have several varities to choose from and try to think of all dietary restrictions that your guests might have.


Saving Money on the Bar

Weddings and Parties can really add up. By the time you purchase all of the food and the supplies, then it’s time to think about what to serve at your bar. That’s where a huge chunk of your money will go, if you’re not really careful.

I am seeing more and more wedding couples doing a beer, wine and one signature drink as their bar. It truly saves a lot of money and the signature drink can be one that is really tasty and appealing to your guests.

When selecting your signature cocktail, you can match it to your theme. Or possibly pick your favorite place and have the bartender create a drink to match. Just make sure to let the bartender know ahead of time so they have time to create that special drink.

We’ve had couples who their favorite place is Cape Cod so they had Cape Codders, some were going on a honeymoon to the Caribbean so they had Pina Coladas and Rum Punch cocktails. Whether you have a 50’s theme or a more elegant type of affair, the bartender will be able to create a drink that is perfect for your event.

You can type up the signature cocktail and put it in a frame to set on the bar. It really adds a nice touch and the guests are very happy with the minimal choices. So there’s no need to have a full bar and the expense that goes along with it, if you’d rather not have one.

A lot of backyard weddings are having kegs because it’s the grooms favorite drink. That also keeps the choices to a minimum, along with the budget.

Whichever way you choose to go just keep in mind that the guests are just happy to come and visit with you and as long as there is something to drink and something to eat, they’ll be happy.

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Hiring vs Doing it Yourself Event Help

I’ve heard that a lot of people feel that they can take  care of the serving and clean up at their parties and not look to hiring a staffing agency.

This is so true BUT have you ever felt that you missed out on some really good conversations because you were too busy running back and forth to the kitchen? Or how about, your friend Suzie who you haven’t seen in ages comes in, you hug and start to catch up. Rinnggg the doorbell is ringing. In comes cousin Lindsey who recently went through a tough time and she wants to fill you in. Ding ding, the timer in the kitchen is going off. Appetizers are ready! As you quickly head to the kitchen you notice your friend Steve standing there looking lost, not knowing a soul. You need to get over there to help him to mingle, in a minute. You are passing the apps and there’s the doorbell again. Drop the plate and run. Now it’s time to get the food out. You hear everyone laughing. Oh what did I miss?? The food is finally out and you go to try and catch up a bit. Then you remember, you have to take the cake out of the freezer an hour before dessert. Up and running again. You can’t wait to have that amazingly delicious casserole that everyone is raving about. Get to the table and – it’s gone! Guess everyone really did love it. Ooopps time to make the coffee and look at all of the dirty dishes all over the place. No problem, still smiling and quickly picking up, you notice the litle group around Lindsey shaking their heads. Oh how you want to hear the scoop but dirty dishes and coffe making win out. Time to get the food in the kitchen and put dessert out. Maybe I can leave this all until tomorrow to clean up so I can enjoy my guests. .. No what will they think. So you get the dessert out and start to wrap up the leftovers. FINALLY the kitchen is clean. Now to get in there and eat something. Has it really been eight hours since I last ate? Time to enjoy the party!!!! Couple number one says it was such a great party but they need to get home for the sitter, could you get their coats? Sure, no problem. Off you run. You turn around and four more guests are leaving. Hey wait, I never got to visit with you. I never got to eat anything. The party is now over and the guests are leaving. I didn’t get to enjoy my company..wahhh. All that work and all I did was work.

When you hire us, we take care of all of that running around and kitchen/bar work. When the party is over, all you ahave to do is shut off the lights and go to bed. You tell me, is it worth it to hire a professional staffing compay to do the serving and bartending??
We Let You Be a Guest at Your Own Party!

Bartender vs Friend-Who to hire for your event?

As you begin the planning of your wedding and it comes time to think about the bar and the question comes up, should I hire a professional bartender or just hire my friend?

The friend won’t charge you so that’s a huge plus BUT  the friend is probably not insured.  Did you know that you would be held responsible for anyone getting hurt or causing someone to be hurt because of a guest being over served? It’s the law and one that’s not taken lightly. Your home and valuables are at stake.

Even if you are shuttling the guests all to a nearby hotel, who is to say they won’t get the munchies and decide to run out to the store or nearby drive thru?  Again, you would be responsible because you did not have an insured bartender properly serving any and all alcohol.
Scary thought isn’t it?

One of the greatest responses I hear when I ask if they are in need of a bartender  is:”our family and friends don’t drink much” or “one of my friends likes to play around and make drinks so we’ll let him do it”. If this is your choice, keep this in mind -do you know which of your guests may be on medicine or possibly just finished up a prescription that morning and with just two glasses of wine can react like someone who has had five or six drinks in them?  Some people turn angry or depressed once they’ve crossed that line of too much booze. Who needs that drama on your magical day?  Protect yourself and your assets by hiring the insured, certified, bartenders. Most insured bartenders are covered for one million dollars. They have the experience behind them to properly mix and serve drinks and know when to cut back on someone who in imbibing a bit too much and can discreetly get it under control. Plus you don’t have to worry about setting everything up and all of the clean up. The bartenders take care of it all.

Insured, professionals versus a friend could mean millions of dollars to you.

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Wedding Tips

Weddings can certainly be expensive but one area you can cut back on and save quite a bit of money is the bar. It’s perfectly okay to serve beer and wine only. A lot of couples are now serving beer, wine and a signature cocktail as well. Guests are truly happy with any free alcohol so you don’t have to go overboard with your money to make the guests feel important. They truly do adjust and enjoy whatever you choose to put out for them.

Having a signature cocktail can be fun. You can take something that you and your significant other have in common and name your drink as such. We’ve had couples who love Cape Cod make the Cape Codder their drink. Or if one of your favorite drinks is a Cosmopolitian and his/her’s is a Rum and coke, you can make that the drink(s) of the day. Headig off to Hawaii for your honeymoon? Why not serve Blue Hawaiians for your special drink. There are so many choices. If you can’t decide, we’d be happy to assist in creating the perfect theme drink for your wedding.

Another fun idea is to choose a picture of your favorite place where you both have a shared a special memory. Did you get engaged there, meet at that spot, etc? You can create a special drink to match the memory. Then you can put the picture in an 8×10 frame, along with a short story explaining the picture and coordinating drink. While guests are waiting for their drink, they can read how you came up with this particular signature drink and it will add a little fun to waiting in line at the bar.

Also, not having too much choices saves a lot of money. Two or three wines and three to four beer choices is more than enough to quench everyone’s thirst and keep your budget in line.